Astrhori 75mm F4.0 (Fuji GFX)

Sale price£321.88 GBP

This Astrhori 75mm F4.0 is an ideal choice for photographers who want a versatile lens for the Fuji GFX camera. Its wide maximum aperture of F4.0 makes it suitable for low light photography and portraiture, while its compact size makes it lightweight and easy to use. Its impressive resolution and sharpness are perfect for capturing detailed, high-quality images.

Product Features:
• Compatible with the Fuji GFX camera
• 75mm focal length
• Maximum aperture of F4.0
• Lightweight and compact design
• Great for low light photography and portraiture
• Incredible resolution and sharpness
• Intelligent autofocus system
• Quick and silent autofocus motor
• Built-in image stabilization
• Weather-sealed construction