Feiyu AK4000 Gimbal Stabilizer (no focus)

Sale price£300.93 GBP

The Feiyu AK4000 Gimbal Stabilizer is a powerful tool for capturing smooth, professional-level footage. This 3-axis, brushless stabilizer features a lightweight design, intuitive controls, and a variety of powerful shooting modes. Best for mirrorless and DSLR cameras, vlogging, and shooting steady, cinematic content.

Product Features:
• 3-axis brushless motor
• 11-hour battery life
• Intuitive, simple operation
• Supports a variety of cameras
• 25-degree tilt, 300-degree roll, and 360-degree pan
• Max payload of up to 4.2 lbs
• 1.19-inch OLED screen
• Time-lapse, tracking, and panorama modes
• Automatic calibration and balance
• Phone app for remote control
• Includes carrying case for portability