About Us

The orginal website, electronBazaar, was launched in the Middle East, in the summer of 2018. Co-founders Maximillian Salter & Victoria Menown identified a gap in the Middle East market to develop an online “bazaar” specialising in photo, video, and audio equipment.  

“From the late 2000’s, I’d been heading up a number of e-commerce platforms in New Zealand & the United Arab Emirates, but mainly focusing on electronics as a whole” says Maximilian. “From my previous work in fashion, TV, music & live events, I’m part of an established community in the UAE of photographers, videographers, and musicians. I kept hearing ‘I can’t find Sigma lenses anywhere in Dubai!’ or ‘I have to wait 2-3 months for the latest mirrorless camera from Fujifilm to be available here!’ or ‘have you seen the new camera lenses from Laowa? - just cant get them here!’ time and time again… so the idea of a Middle East based e-commerce platform, specialising in photography equipment, just evolved from there”

Victoria says “Since 2009, I’d been working with one of the largest retailers in the Middle East and was constantly researching ecommerce and the growing online community in the region. I’d left the UK in the mid 2000’s when online retailing had just started to take off, so I knew the potential of ecommerce in a digital market that was accelerating at lightning speed!” The rapid growth in the Middle East though, came with its own challenges. Consumer confidence in online retail was low due to limited delivery networks and secure payment options. “I remember back to BuyDubai.co days with Max, and the number one question was ‘do you take cash on delivery’ – it doesn’t happen that often these days!”

The Co-founders, by their own admission, were keen photographers at the time “We both loved photography from an early age, but neither of us were very good! It certainly helped with the launch of electronBazaar, having a passion for the product we sell” continues Victoria “and although we don’t have much time for photography these days, at least we get to help our customers around the world… so they can enjoy their own love of photography” 

In 2023, electronBazaar was rebranded to eBphotovideo and as Max & Victoria now say "the rest is history". 

Today, eBphotovideo ships to over 200 countries worldwide, with their trusted partner FedEx International. Delivery is proven to take on average 3-7 business days anywhere in the world and is tracked, direct to the customer. eBphotovideo has offices in Aberdeenshire in the United Kingdom and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, with all orders shipped from their central distribution in Hong Kong.  Their trusted partner for over 13 years, is also responsible for the procurement and constant sourcing of over 3,000 specialist photography products from leading brands throughout Asia.

“Although we focus as a business on our key markets (United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa), the core value of eBphotovideo remains the same in everything we do” says Max, “we supply photo, video, and audio equipment, to photography enthusiasts around the world. Wherever you live, work, play, travel to - we CAN get that specialist piece of kit to you!”

eBphotovideo - United in the Art of Photography