FUJIFILM H Mount Adapter G

Sale price£638.90 GBP

The Fujifilm H-Mount Adapter G is an essential tool for photography enthusiasts. It allows you to mount H-Mount lenses onto a FUJIFILM GFX camera body, maintaining in-camera aperture adjustment and flash sync up to 1/800 sec. The adapter also enables the use of lens correction data with the lens, ensuring best quality images. It even includes a removable tripod foot for added stability, making it the ideal choice for photography professionals.

Product Features:

  • H-Mount Lens to FUJIFILM GFX Camera Body
  • Maintains In-Camera Aperture Adjustment
  • Supports Flash Sync Up to 1/800 Sec.
  • Enables Use of Lens Correction Data
  • Removable Tripod Foot Included