Hollyland Mars 300 Pro Enhanced

Sale price£360.68

The Hollyland Mars 300 Pro Enhanced is the perfect choice for professional photographers and videographers looking for reliable and long-range transmission of HD video and audio with zero latency. It features a range of up to 400ft to the receiver and up to 300ft app line-of-sight, allowing you to easily monitor and control the signal from your iOS or Android device. The transmitter has an HDMI input and HDMI loop-out, while the receiver has two HDMI outputs. Additionally, it has two external antennas on the transmitter and integrated L-series battery plates for enhanced portability. The mounting threads are 1/4"-20 and it can be powered via a USB Type-C port.

Product Features:

  • 400' to RX, 300' to App Line-of-Sight
  • Transmit up to 1080p60
  • Transmitter: HDMI Input & HDMI Loop-Out
  • Receiver Has 2 x HDMI Outputs
  • 2 x External Antennas on Transmitter
  • Real-Time iOS/Android App Monitoring
  • Integrated L-Series Battery Plates
  • 1/4"-20 Mounting Threads
  • Power via USB Type-C Port