Hollyland Solidcom M1 8BP

Sale price£6,365.77

The Hollyland Solidcom M1 Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom Solution with 8 beltpacks is a cutting-edge communication system designed for small- to mid-sized events. This comprehensive package includes 8 beltpacks and LEMO headsets, ensuring clear and reliable communication for your team. The system operates on a secure 1.9 GHz full-duplex transmission, providing seamless real-time communication with up to 1312 feet of wireless range, perfect for events of various scales.

With 8-channel communication, each member of your team can be assigned to a specific channel, enhancing organization and efficiency. The Sidetone function allows users to hear their own voice in the headset, ensuring that they are speaking at an appropriate volume. Additionally, the system supports Cascade Base Station Connection, enabling multiple base stations to be linked for expanded coverage.
The Hollyland Solidcom M1 is designed for convenience and flexibility. The beltpacks are equipped with removable lithium-ion batteries for easy replacement and extended use. Configuration is user-friendly with the option to set up the system via the dedicated app or website, allowing for seamless customization based on your event's needs.

To ensure that your team stays connected and powered up, a beltpack charging station is included in the package, providing a centralized and organized charging solution. Whether you are organizing a conference, live performance, or production event, the Hollyland Solidcom M1 Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom Solution is the best choice for reliable, high-quality communication.

Product Features:

  • For Small- to Mid-Sized Events
  • 8 x Beltpacks & LEMO Headsets
  • 1.9 GHz Full-Duplex Transmission
  • Up to 1312' Wireless Range
  • 8-Channel Communication
  • Sidetone Function
  • Cascade Base Station Connection
  • Removable Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • App & Website-Based Configuration
  • Beltpack Charging Station Included