Insta 360 GPS Remote For One X/One R

Sale price£115.86 GBP

Insta 360 GPS Remote is the perfect companion to your Insta 360 One X or One R camera. It's a lightweight, pocket size remote that helps you control your camera from up to 10m away. This remote is perfect for a wide range of uses, like filming sporting events, live streaming, and capturing vlogs. With the GPS Remote, you can start and stop recording, and review footage on your phone.

Product Features:

  • Easily control your Insta 360 camera from up to 10m away
  • Lightweight and pocket-size
  • Easily start and stop recording
  • Track your camera’s location and other data
  • Change shooting settings with your phone
  • Quickly review footage stored on your camera
  • Change shooting modes with a button
  • Compatible with Insta 360 One X and One R
  • Rechargeable battery