Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 17mm f1.8 (Silver)

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The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 17mm f1.8 Silver lens is a versatile and powerful lens designed for OM-D and PEN system cameras. This sleek lens features a 34mm equivalent in 35mm format, a Micro Four Thirds Mount, an aperture range of f/1.8-22, and a Movie & Stills Compatible (MSC) AF. It also includes a Snapshot Manual Focus Control Ring, Distance and DOF Indicators, a Dual Super Aspherical Element, a High Refractive Index Element, and an Extra-low Reflection Optical Coating. This lens is ideal for wide-angle, landscape, and portrait photography.

Product Features:

  • 34mm Equivalent in 35mm Format
  • Micro Four Thirds Mount
  • Aperture Range: f/1.8-22
  • Movie & Stills Compatible (MSC) AF
  • Snapshot Manual Focus Control Ring
  • Distance and DOF Indicators
  • Dual Super Aspherical Element
  • High Refractive Index Element
  • Extra-low Reflection Optical Coating
  • For OM-D and PEN System Cameras