Panasonic DG V-Elmarit 100-400mm F4-6.3 II Asph.

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Capture stunning wildlife photographs, sports events, and distant landscapes with the Panasonic DG V-Elmarit 100-400mm F4-6.3 II Asph. lens. Designed for the Micro Four Thirds System, this lens offers a versatile focal range of 100-400mm, equivalent to 200-800mm in full-frame, allowing you to zoom in on distant subjects with ease.
Featuring a compact and lightweight design, this ultra telephoto zoom lens is perfect for travel and outdoor photography. Its .5x maximum magnification capability ensures exceptional close-up shots, even from a distance. Whether you're capturing the grace of a soaring bird or the action on a sports field, this lens delivers crisp and detailed images.
Equipped with POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) and dual I.S. (Image Stabilization) compatibility, camera shake is effectively reduced, allowing for sharper and clearer images, even when shooting handheld.

Product Features:

  • Micro Four Thirds System | f/4 to f/22
  • 200-800mm (Full-Frame Equivalent)
  • Compact Ultra Telephoto Zoom
  • .5x Max. Magnification (35mm Equivalent)
  • POWER O.I.S., Dual I.S. Compatibility
  • Rotating Tripod Collar & Built-In Hood
  • Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm
  • Dust, Splash, and Freeze Resistant