Ricoh THETA Z1

Sale price£1,079.85

The Ricoh THETA Z1 is the ultimate 360° imaging system, designed to capture stunningly immersive photos and videos in up to 4K resolution. Its dual 6720 x 3360 1" Type CMOS sensors offer up to 23MP JPEG/DNG Raw Photos, while its highly accurate 360° image stitching technology ensures that you can capture perfect panoramas without any visible seams or distortion. The THETA Z1 also has 4-channel mics for immersive 360° live streaming capabilities, recording both audio and video in either 4K or 2K resolution. With the THETA+ Android app, you can easily adjust settings and edit your photos and videos in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC with the help of a plug-in. The camera is housed in a lightweight magnesium alloy body with an OLED display, and the 6400 max ISO ensures that you can capture detailed, high-quality images in all lighting conditions.

Product Features:

  • Highly Accurate 360° Image Stitching
  • 360° 3840 x 1920 4K Video
  • Up to 23MP JPEG/DNG Raw Photos
  • 360° Live Streaming in 4K or 2K
  • THETA+ Android App, 6400 Max ISO
  • Dual 6720 x 3360 1" Type CMOS Sensors
  • Twin-Lens System with 4-Channel Mics
  • Edit with Lightroom Classic CC & Plug-In
  • OLED Display, Magnesium Alloy Body