Sekonic C-800 SpectroMaster

Sale price£1,262.91

The Sekonic C-800 Spectromaster is an advanced light meter geared for the ambitious photographer. It features SSI (Spectral Similarity Index), which measures virtually any kind of light, with a range from 0.09-18,600 fc (1-200,000 lux). It has a color temperature range of 1600-40,000K, a 4.3" touchscreen with 11 display modes, and displays CRI, SSI, TLCI, TLMF, TM-30-15, and Rosco, Lee, Fuji & Wratten names. This light meter also allows for multiple light comparisons. This device is perfect for studio and location photographers who need to measure light levels accurately for exposures and color accuracy. The Sekonic C-800 Spectromaster provides an invaluable tool for the serious photographer.

Product Features:

  • Employs SSI (Spectral Similarity Index)
  • Measures Virtually any Kind of Light
  • Range: 0.09-18,600 fc (1-200,000 lux)
  • Color Temperature Range of 1600-40,000K
  • 4.3" Touchscreen with 11 Display Modes
  • Displays CRI, SSI, TLCI, TLMF, TM-30-15
  • Shows Rosco, Lee, Fuji & Wratten Names
  • Multiple Light Comparison