Sigma mount converter MC-21 (Sigma to L)

Sale price£232.10

The Sigma Mount Converter MC-21 Sigma to L is a great tool for any level of photography enthusiast. It allows a SA-mount lens to be mounted onto an L-mount body for more versatility in the types of lenses that can be used. It features integrated LED displays to indicate compatibility, and maintains autofocus and auto-exposure features. Plus, the flocked interior helps to reduce reflections and retain EXIF data. Additionally, the removable tripod mount and in-camera correction features make it an ideal tool for professionals and amateurs alike.

Product Features:

  • SA-Mount Lens to L-Mount Body
  • Integrated LED Displays Compatibility
  • Maintains Autofocus and Auto-Exposure
  • Supports In-Camera Correction Features
  • Flocked Interior Reduces Reflections
  • Removable Tripod Mount
  • Retains EXIF Data