Sony C-80 Uni-Directional Condenser Microphone

Sale price£445.67

The Sony C-80 Unidirectional Studio Condenser Microphone is best used for capturing powerful vocals with a rich midrange that truly shines in professional studio settings. Its dual-diaphragm capsule ensures exceptional sound quality, making it a top choice for recording artists seeking clarity and precision in their vocal performances. The unidirectional polar pattern of this microphone focuses on capturing sound from the front while minimizing background noise, ensuring that your vocals take center stage. With the ability to handle up to 138 dB SPL, this microphone is well-equipped to handle even the most dynamic vocal performances without distortion. 

The 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response range of the Sony C-80 allows for capturing a wide spectrum of vocal tones with accuracy and detail. With a dynamic range of 125.5 dB, this microphone delivers a clear and balanced sound that brings out the nuances in every vocal performance. Additionally, the very low self-noise of the microphone ensures that your recordings are free from unwanted background noise, maintaining the purity of your vocals.

Equipped with an XLR output and requiring 48V phantom power for operation, the Sony C-80 offers a professional-grade connectivity that is essential for studio recording. The microphone comes complete with a shock mount, providing stability and reducing vibrations for optimal recording quality. In summary, the Sony C-80 Unidirectional Studio Condenser Microphone is a reliable and high-performance tool that is sure to elevate your vocal recordings to the next level.

Product Features:

  • Powerful Vocals with Rich Midrange
  • Dual-Diaphragm Capsule
  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Handles up to 138 dB SPL
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • 125.5 dB Dynamic Range
  • Very Low Self Noise
  • XLR Output, Requires 48V Phantom Power
  • Includes Shockmount