YoloLiv YoloBox Ultra

Sale price£1,664.99 GBP

The YoloLiv YoloBox Ultra is a versatile and powerful streaming device designed to revolutionize your live streaming experience. With its simultaneous cross-platform streaming capabilities, this product allows you to effortlessly stream your content to multiple platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch all at once.

Not only does the YoloBox Ultra serve as an encoder, but it also functions as a monitor, switcher, and recorder. This all-in-one device streamlines your workflow by eliminating the need for multiple equipment. Whether you're a content creator, event organizer, or professional streamer, this product is sure to enhance your streaming setup.

The YoloBox Ultra offers both horizontal and vertical orientations, providing you with flexibility and versatility in displaying your content. Its 8" touchscreen control LCD makes it easy to navigate and control your streams on the go.

With its ISO recording feature, NDI, and SRT support, this device ensures that you capture every detail of your stream for future reference or editing.

Product Features:

  • Simultaneous Cross-Platform Streaming
  • Encoder, Monitor, Switcher & Recorder
  • Horizontal & Vertical Orientations
  • ISO Recording, NDI & SRT Support
  • 8" Touchscreen Control LCD
  • Live Switch Between 10+ Sources
  • 4 x HDMI,1 x USB-C & 2 x USB-A Inputs
  • Supports H.265 up to UHD 4K Video
  • Stream via Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6, 4G Network
  • 1 x SD Card Slot for Recording